Annonces professionnelles

Post-doc in spatial transcriptomics and developmental Biology

The ENS of Lyon is seeking a highly talented post-doc. The successful candidate will join the Spatial-Cell-ID initiative to develop new technologies in spatial transcriptomics to understand the biology of single cells in their native tissue.

Role: The appointed candidate will develop a targeted spatial transcriptomic technology based on smFISH. The recruited post-doc will be working at at the IGFL (ENS of Lyon) in the Enriquez team and will closely collaborate with biologists, microscopists, biophysicists, and computer scientists who will assist him/her in the different aspects of this highly interdisciplinary project. The candidate will be involved in one or more of the three main projects involving spatial transcriptomic: 1. Discover of the gene networks controlling neuronal and muscle identity in Drosophila, 2. Generate a single cell smFISH atlas of the Drosophila Embryo in 3D at the cellular level and 3. Determine the spatiotemporal regulation of Arabidopsis thaliana root identity. 

● PHD in Biology is required. 
● Strong interest in molecular biology, smFISH. 
●Experience or the aptitude to quickly become proficient with the different steps involved in spatial transcriptomics experiments: design of probes, smFISH experiments, image acquisition and analysis.
● Excellent communication and collaboration skills. English is the working language. 
● Experience in confocal and Sted imaging and image data analysis of biological systems is a plus. 

Desired starting date : October 2022
Contract duration : 2 years with a possibility of extension
Salary : Remuneration based on experience (from 2000€/ to 3000€/month) 

Post-Doctoral position available

Muscle-stem cell targeted therapies in a preclinical rat model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher interested in developing muscle stem cell targeted therapies using rat preclinical models of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

To apply, please send a CV, a motivation letter and the names/contact information of 2 or 3 referees to Prof. Frédéric Relaix and Relaix Lab management ( and Indicate «Postdoc application» and your full name in the subject line.

Looking for a PhD student

We are hiring a PhD student at LIBM (Jean Monnet Université Saint Etienne). Position funded by AFM-Telethon. Interested in muscle disease, sexual dimorphism, endocrinology, skeletal muscle physiology and metabolism. Cool technics, fun team, nice environment and quality of life

Send me an E-mail at