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14Déc 2020

Satellite cells are required for the growth, maintenance, and regeneration of skeletal muscle. Quiescent satellite cells possess a primary cilium, a structure that regulates the processing of the GLI family of transcription factors. Here we find that GLI3, specifically, plays a critical role in satellite cell activation. Primary cilia-mediated processing of GLI3 is required to […]

07Mai 2020

Skeletal muscles fibers are formed by the fusion of hundreds of cells where myonuclei are actively spread at myofibers periphery. Growing evidences supports connections between myonuclear positioning and muscle functionality. How myonuclei localization in muscle fibers contributes to muscle efficiency remains poorly characterized. Here, we show that in developing myofibers, SH3KBP1 scaffolds Endoplasmic Reticulum through […]

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