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FAQ recommandations

Une inquiétude face à l’infection par le COVID19 est légitime, le bon sens et la solidarité seront nos meilleurs remparts dans la lutte contre cette infection.
Nous avons préparé une liste de questions/réponses pour mieux vous informer dans cette période d’incertitude.
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Neuromuscular disorders

The category of neuromuscular disease (NMD) covers a wide range of different diagnoses with widely varying levels of disability even in people with the same diagnosis. It is difficult, therefore to make specific recommendations that apply generally. The following are recommendations that apply to numerous neuromuscular disorders. These recommendations are designed primarily for patients, carers, general neurologists and non-specialist medical providers. They are also intended to inform neuromuscular specialists particularly regarding frequently asked questions and basic service requirements. In-depth reference links are provided.
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18e Journées de la SFM

JSFM 2020

Saint-Étienne, du 24 au 26 novembre 2021

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Dernières publications

14Déc 2020

Satellite cells are required for the growth, maintenance, and regeneration of skeletal muscle. Quiescent satellite cells possess a primary cilium, a structure that regulates the processing of the GLI family of transcription factors. Here we find that GLI3, specifically, plays a critical role in satellite cell activation. Primary cilia-mediated processing of GLI3 is required to […]

07Mai 2020

Skeletal muscles fibers are formed by the fusion of hundreds of cells where myonuclei are actively spread at myofibers periphery. Growing evidences supports connections between myonuclear positioning and muscle functionality. How myonuclei localization in muscle fibers contributes to muscle efficiency remains poorly characterized. Here, we show that in developing myofibers, SH3KBP1 scaffolds Endoplasmic Reticulum through […]

22Avr 2020

Skeletal muscle fibers are large syncytia but it is currently unknown whether gene expression is coordinately regulated in their numerous nuclei. By snRNA-seq and snATAC-seq, we showed that slow, fast, myotendinous and neuromuscular junction myonuclei each have different transcriptional programs, associated with distinct chromatin states and combinations of transcription factors. In adult mice, identified myofiber […]

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Vainqueurs prix 2019

lauréat du prix Voyage 2019

Francisco Jaque-Fernandez

lauréat du prix Voyage 2019

Alireza Ghasemizadeh

lauréate du prix Voyage 2019

Charlotte Claeyssen

lauréate du prix Voyage 2019

Mathilde Chivet

lauréat du prix Voyage 2019

Alexis Boulinguiez

lauréate du prix Voyage 2019

Océane Ballouhey

Neurographie IRM quantitative de patients atteints d’une neuropathie de Charcot-Marie-Tooth de type 1A

Augustin Ogier - lauréat du Prix Isabelle Penisson-Besnier 2019

Hypersensitivity infusion-associated reactions induced by Enzyme replacement Therapy (Myozyme) in Pompe disease and efficacy of SWORD : a simplified desensitization protocol

Lola Lossard - lauréate du Prix de la meilleure communication orale 2019

Investigating the role of mechanical tension during sarcomere self-organisation in human iPSC-derived myofibers

Qiyan Mao - lauréate du Prix de la meilleure communication orale 2019